Reunited with friends and a nice lunch out

Nancy and I have enjoyed being reunited with a lot of our RV friends here in Dillard, GA at the GA Rally.  Yesterday, myself, Dave Y and Malcolm T went on a man-trip to Ace Hardware and Home Depot.  I needed some items to rebuild the closet rod in the RV and Malcom needed a drain for his UDC floor.

Later, Nancy and I went out to lunch with Malcolm and Val T; Lou and Bette D and Ron and Ann P.  Another RVer here suggested a Mexican restaurant in a Highlands, NC – good call.  Food was great but even better was time spent visiting with our friends.

El Azteca Restaurant


Malcolm, Val, Bette and Lou

Jim, Nancy, Ann and Ron

After lunch, Paul A helped me rebuild the closet rod in the bedroom closet.  Turned out really nice.  I think we can use the rod as a chin-up bar now 🙂

Later in the afternoon, Dave Y helped me pull 3 Ethernet cables through the underbelly for a tech project I’m working on.  We also pulled some 1/4″ poly line so I can route and connect the RV refer’s ice maker line like I want it.  More work on that planned for today to finish it up.

After dinner, we visited with the rally group over at Randy and Santha A’s RV.  Nice time.

At 9 am today, Randy A, Paul A and myself will be going up on the roof.  The guys are going to look at my living room AC unit.  I don’t feel it’s cooling right so they’re going to see if they can find anything obvious with it.  While on the roof, I’ll be starting another project by installing a WiFi Ranger Sky.

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