Oops – In a Pickle and Watch for Road Gators

Well, today’s trip from Navarre, FL to New Orleans, LA was not completely uneventful. With a storm heading towards the I-10 corridor, including New Orleans, I decided to stop along our route today to top off our propane. We stopped at a Pilot. I checked the tanks – one was full and one was empty.
Propane at Pilot

While they were filling the propane tank, I heard a beeping. It was coming from inside the RV. I opened the door and found this…
In a Pickle
We’d forgotten to secure the travel latch for the refer door. Oops! Anyway, what a mess. Pickle juice and glass all over the place. So we cleaned up the mess and continued our trip.

About an hour from New Orleans, I encountered a “road gator”! A road gator is the tread of a tire that has come off. It wasn’t mine but I could not avoid it. I ran over it with the truck and the RV. So far, I found one piece of collateral damage. It was to the RV. Under the front of the drop-frame, bolted to it cross-wise “was” a sewer hose tube. Yeah, that’s gone! In it and now gone was my flag pole, wash pole, manual awning hook tool and not sure what else.

So today’s learings:
1. Yes, you do need to lock those refer travel latches
2. Keep your eye as far ahead on the road as you can – maybe you can get past the gators 🙂

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  1. Jim be careful. We have to watch out all the time for those Gators. Most of the time they are from retreaded tires. I hit one on the way back from the Tn/Ky rally 2 years ago. Still have the scars on the Rv. travel safe my friend. Enjoy you trip!!

  2. Last year we encountered something larger than a road gator, it was a tail gate from a pick up truck. Thank god I saw that on coming, the big rig in front of me swerved to miss so I followed. That would of hurt.

  3. I hit a king size box spring with the truck that blew off the roof of a car. They explode quite well when hit at 60 mph.

    Glad you two are OK, sorry about the stuff going MIA.

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