Townhome Update

Today after church, Nancy, Lisa, Tony and I headed over to Pulte Homes Forest Ridge townhome development in Streamwood to check the progress of our townhome and to attend the “Dusty Shoe” event.

The update on our unit is that they have backfilled the garage and basement floors with rock in preparation to pour the concrete floors. We are still planned for an end of January/first of February close.

The “Dusty Shoe” was sort of nice because it gave Lisa and Tony a pretty good feel for what our unit will look like inside. The unit we went in was a Langston model – same as ours, but in one of the first buildings that will be completed. The unit had been framed, wired and plumbed.

Two things sort of irked me and one is fixable. First, the rear speaker prewire locations in the family room are not well placed, sonically. The good news is that part of our agreement allows me to determine and mark final placement for the front and rear prewire locations.

The second item is more worrysome. In the basement, coming out of the floor are four 2″ PVC pipes – vertically! They come about 4 feet up and are then connected horizontally. The combined pipes is then routed to the ceiling, then up through all floors and probably vented out the roof. My guess is this is part of a Radon Abatement system. It would not bother me so much but these pipes are at least 2 feet out from the primary wall in the basement that one would place furniture or a TV/entertainment system on. I will have to talk to our sales rep. to see what the place is for our unit – hopefully it’s better than this!

All said though, we’re generally pleased with the construction quality. So we remain hopeful to be delivered a great unit.


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