Hilton Hotel – Milwaukee, WI

We stayed at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Milwaukee this weekend. Nice hotel, nice room. They charge for Wi-Fi as do most Hiltons. I brought my own Internet service.

There are several other hotels within a few blocks of the center of downtown (Hyatt, Holiday Inn, Bestwestern etc.). The Hyatt and the Holiday Inn both look nice. The Bestwestern from the outside, seemed small and dated.

I guess this Hilton had an indoor waterpark. Not that we would have used it but hey, if you have kids, nice place to be in the winter for a short get-away.

Parking was way-high ($20/day) at the hotel so we parked across the street in a nice outdoor lot for $6/day.

I can recommend this hotel. But if you want to save some $$, consider the Beswestern at half the price or the Holiday Inn at ??

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