Today, Nancy, Kevin, Nelly, Bernie, Judi and I went to Mexico for lunch and shopping. While there, we ran into Heartlanders Paul and Nan L, Nancy A / Dave S, Corbin and Flo T and a couple others.
Mexico 1
Mexico 2
Mexico 5
Mexico 3
Mexico 4

The 6 of us went to Angel’s for lunch. We’d never eaten there before. Heartland friends Joseph D and Gene H had told us about Angels. It was decent. The restaurant is on the 4th floor. Shopping is on the 1st floor.Mexico 7
Mexico 8

My lunch!
My lunch!

Then there was shopping. Lots of shopping. I bought some DVDs, Nancy bought some vanilla and some decorator items for the house. Our friends each bought a few small items too.
Mexico 14
Mexico 15

Before we headed back over the border to the good old USA, we stopped at Jessica’s. We wanted to pickup a couple of Z-Packs from a pharmacy and Heartland friend Jerry V recommended Jessica’s. Free margarita’s if you buy anything in the pharmacy!
Mexico 16

Kevin had some truck trouble that was taken care of today, so we dropped them off at the Ford dealership on the way home from Mexico. Later, Nancy, Kevin, Nelly and I met for dinner at Cheddars. Another full day!

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