Panera Bread Free Wi-Fi! On our way to the trailer…

Hi All,

It’s Saturday and we’re on our way to the trailer.  Actually, I am sitting in the Target parking lot next to Panera Bread near our home while Nancy is inside Target picking up some last minute items.  It’s a SuperTarget so it’s super handy.

We eat at this Panera Bread a lot so I am not feeling too guilty using their free Wi-Fi service while I wait for Nancy.  Pretty handy actually.  I just wish small towns like those we camp near could support places like Panera that offer free Wi-Fi.  Nice to stay connected sometimes.

We’re looking forward to having Jackson and Tina Hartley visit us for dinner at the trailer tonight.  Got some yummy food planned. 

We’re pickup up some firewood today too.  Going to store it at the trailer in a firewood stand that I am making today.

Ciao for now,


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