On the road again (to TN)…

We are in North Bend, OH at Indian Springs campground.

We left from Marengo, IL this morning at 9 am. Took us 3 hours to get to the IN border at I-80 and 65. What should have taken maybe 7 hours max, took 9.

Oh well – construction!

Somewhere in Indiana, south of Merriville and north of Lafayette is Fiar Oaks Dairy. Some huge retail dairy center. Since we were not on a timetable, we stopped and had a treat.

They had a neat man-made creek runing through the place that ended in a Coi pond. Ruby wanted to jump in.

I let Ruby and Emme both walk in the creek on a large flat rock. Ruby layed right down on the rock, in the water. She was pretty hot and she loves the water.

We’re hunkered down for the night and heading out after breakfast for Newport, TN.



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