Tennesee Land Visit

Last weekend, Nancy and I traveled to the Knoxville area to take a closer look at our land north of Sevierville on West Dumplin Valley Road.

We put up some No Trespassing signs and I walked most of the lot. It’s about 300′ wide at the front, 200′ across the back, 900′ on the east side and 800′ on the east. So it’s narrow and deep.

There is a lot of rock in this part of Tennesee and our lot has it’s share. In this picture, very near the back of the lot, you can see some of the rock. And these aren’t just boulders that can be moved with a D9-Cat. Sometimes they need to be blasted.

We’ll have our work cut out for us when it’s time to do site-prep before building a home or even a mega-long driveway.


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