Fredericksburg, TX – National Museum of the Pacific War, Opas, Ice Cream and More

Because it was forecast to be very cold today, we decided to head up to Fredericksburg to visit the National Museum of the Pacific War and a few other area things. Kevin, Nelly, Nancy and I made up our group today. We left Kerrville around 9 am.

The National Museum of the Pacific War was really cool. It included:

  • Admiral Nimitz Museum
  • George H.W. Bush Gallery
  • Pacific Combat Zone
  • Admiral Nimitz Statue 1
    Nimitz - Missing a Finger 5
    Pacific War Museum - Atomic Bomb 11
    Pacific War Museum - Jeep 12
    Pacific War Museum - Outside 1 13
    Pacific War Museum - Outside 2 14

    We actually never made it over to the Pacific Combat Zone. We spent the entire day in all the other exhibits. This place is very cool and very well done. Because of the weather, the museum was not crowded either. Also due to the weather, we elected to skip all the outdoor aspects of the museum and save those for another time.

    Around noon, we took a lunch break. Yelp showed decent reviews for a place called Sunset Grill, so we headed over. It was about a mile away. Nancy and I split a Q Burger and a Salad. Both very good. And the fries at this place are the real skinny ones and seasoned really nicely.
    Sunset Grill - Front 15
    Sunset Grill - Spinach-Chicken Salad 16
    Sunset Grill - The Q Burger 18
    Sunset Grill - The Gang 17
    Sunset Grill - Yelp Sign 19

    After lunch, we were back at the museum. We left there around 4:30 to hit a few stores. First up was Opa’s for some meat 🙂
    We sampled some mustard that Nancy wanted to try, many different meats and finally, “head cheese”. Yep, head cheese. It’s Kevin’s fault – but we all ate it 🙂 Kevin and Nelly bought some stuff and we bought several packs of sausages, mustard and some deviled eggs.
    Opas - Sign 9

    Yep - that's Head Cheese.  And we all ate it!
    Yep – that’s Head Cheese. And we all ate it!

    Opas - Meat Case 7
    Opas - The Gang 10
    Opas - Mustard Tasting 8

    Back on Main Street, we stopped at a new popcorn store. Free samples! Oh man, the caramel popcorn was really well done. We bought a bag of Chicago mix (caramel and cheese). Nelly bought a bag of caramel and almonds. Next we tried to visit Rustlin’ Rob’s Gourmet Foods – aka, the hot sauce place. But “snap” – they just locked up for the day. Oh well, next time. Our next stop was Clear River Pecan Company. Neat place. This is a 50’s diner meets an ice cream shop meets a bakery meets a sandwich shop. The ice cream was VERY good.
    Clear River Pecan Company - Store 2 4
    Clear River Pecan Company - Store 1 3
    Clear River Pecan Company - Ice Cream 2

    We got back to Guadalupe RV Resort in Kerrville around 5:30 pm. We’d hoped to pickup our mail at the office, but oops – they close at 5 pm. We’ll get it tomorrow. Planning to stay in tonight and keep warm. Later in the evening, we received rally visitors. Ron and Sally C from TX and attendees of the Sweetheart rally that we’re here in Kerrville for, stopped by. I noticed on the rally thread on that they were wondering if anything was going on tonight and that they had peanut brittle to share. I responded that we’re in site 149 and that we have a Chicago Mix of popcorn we bought in Fredericksburg today that I will share for some peanut brittle. They saw my response and took me up on my offer. Then rally organizer Larry U stopped by. We all visited until about 9 pm.

    I took a call from Heartland Owners Club members and rally attendees Dave S and Nancy A. They got in about 6 pm tonight and found their water hydrant frozen. Larry and I took a walk over to their site to take a look-see. Yep, frozen hydrant. They’ll make it until morning and they hydrant should thaw out by mid-morning.

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