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Sweetheart Rally – Day 1

Though we’ve been here 3 days already, today was the first official day of the 12th annual RV.net Sweetheart Rally in Kerrville, TX.

I rustled up a colorful breakfast today of leftover Aretha Frankenstein pancakes, sliced and fried Opa’s smoked jalapeno and cheese sausage, fruit, juice and coffee. Such a good husband 🙂

Larry U and I typed up an addendum to the rally documentation this morning, then Larry and Bob C (TXBobcat) delivered badges and rally docs to all the rally attendees. For the rest of the day, Nancy worked on her Chegg solutions work and I worked on the Urbanna, VA rally.

I walked down to the rally hall around 4 pm to help setup tables and chairs for the rally Meet and Greet. At 4:30, Larry U conducted the Meet and Greet. We all introduced ourselves. Some had some colorful stories to tell. It was a fun time.

After the Meet and Greet, about 25 of us went out to dinner to Billy Gene’s in Kerrville. They weren’t expecting us but did a very good job quickly getting a room ready for us. And for no notice at all, the wait staff was plentiful and attentive to our needs. I had the Chicken Fried Steak. Pretty good stuff! Here’s some pics from dinner…
Terry and Me
Dinner at Billy Gene's 3
Dinner at Billy Gene's 2
Dinner at Billy Gene's 1
Bette and Bette

After dinner, about 20 of us met back at the rally hall for what I call Nelly Cake. Nelly W makes a layered cake with blueberries and white creamy frosting. For you Heartland readers, you know of what I speak. Yum! Thank you Nelly W! After cake, we got 2 lively games of Mexican Train Dominoes going. The rally hall gets locked up promptly at 10 pm, so my table made it through double-7 only. Fun time.

Nelly's Blueberry Cake - always a hit!
Nelly’s Blueberry Cake – always a hit!

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