Smartthings “In an RV”

I’ve deployed Smartthings in my RV – a 2014 Heartland Landmark Savannah 5th wheel.

Smartthings is a cloud connected service that allows you to use a local hub to monitor and sensors to monitor, communicate with and control everyday items in your home, office,  RV etc..

In my RV, I’ve deployed a Smartthings hub and several devices (things) that allow me to monitor conditions and then notify and/or control everyday items.  In a future blog post, I’ll discuss in more detail, what I’m able to monitor, how notification works and what I can control.  I’ll also provide details on a related “control” project to be added to my “Smartthings in an RV” system.

Here are some pictures of some of my installed hardware.

Smart Things in an RV
Smart Things in an RV
WiFi Ranger GO Router, Smartthings Hub and Novatel  4620LE Cellular Modem
WiFi Ranger GO Router, Smartthings Hub and Novatel 4620LE Cellular Modem
Smartthings Motion Sensor - painted black
Smartthings Motion Sensor – painted black
Smartthings Motion Sensor - closeup
Smartthings Motion Sensor – closeup
Smartthings Multi-Sensor
Smartthings SmartSense Multi Sensor
Smartthings Multi-Sensor - closeup
Smartthings SmartSense Multi Sensor – closeup
Aeon Labs - Door-Window Switch
Aeon Labs – Door-Window Sensor







2 thoughts on “Smartthings “In an RV”

  1. Are you going to draw diagrams and list everything that you have put together? Really would like to get a layout of all those CAT 5 cables and more on the WIFIRanger. I need to look into a more robust system for us, since the one we have now is getting outdated.

  2. Michael – yes, I will be writing a white paper on it yet this year. The white paper will have an equipment list, photos and a schematic on how it all hooks up. By the way, 3 of those CAT5 cables are not for Smartthings. They go over to my Entertainment slide and will be used for other home networking items. One item will be a MacMini computer that will serve as my digital media server running Plex. Another item will be a Raspberry Pi micro computer (really tiny – like a deck or cards size) – this will be for my VNC needs for remoting into the RV to view cameras etc. Another item may be my DirecTV Genie – this will be so I can control the Genie and main TV from the DirecTV iPad and iPhone app. Another item may be a Yamaha A/V receiver. I have one at home and the app is amazing.

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