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RV Lock – Keyless Integrated Locking System

I upgraded the standard entrance door lock on my 2014 Landmark Savannah to the RV Lock from Lippert. 

RV Lock by Lippert’s Mobile Outfitters is a Keyless Integrated Locking System. It’s a direct replacement lock for many entrance doors. The RV Lock can be operated with keys (2 included), Handheld Fobs (1 included) and a Wireless Keypad (included).

It took 30 minutes to complete the installation. Basically, you remove the old lock, replace it with RV Lock, program your FOBs and Keypad and that’s it.

In my testing, I got about 25 feet of range with the FOBs with the included batteries. So far, we like it. It’s nice to have the convenience of 3 ways to lock or unlock the door (note: the deadbolt is the lock that is motorized and can be controlled by the FOBs and Keypad).

RV Lock is sold by RV dealers and RV supply stores. Find more info here: http://www.themobileoutfitters.com

RV Lock - Completed Installation
This is what the completed RV Lock installation looks like on the outside of the RV
RV Lock - Inside
This is what the completed RV Lock installation looks like on the inside of the RV
RV Lock - Parts
This is what’s included in RV Lock kit (1 FOB included – I added a second FOB)

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  1. Just installed this lock on my Bighorn and love it. However, the key pad isn’t consistent with locking and unlocking. Sometimes it works the first time, while other times, it takes several tries to unlock and lock. Not sure why. The FOB works fine though, every time.

  2. Josh – I’ve had a couple of entries “not take”. Could be my key presses were not heavy enough. Not sure. Anyway, like you, we love this lock. I used the FOB last night to unlock the door while Nancy was standing next to it with an armful of groceries. FOB works to about 25 feet in my experience.

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