Got the new RV home

Some pics of the 2014 Landmark Savannah at home in the driveway.






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  1. Hi Dave. So far, I like it. One thing I was surprised at was the ODS baggage door opening is smaller than on the Key Largo. As such, my Mor/ryde sliding cargo tray fits, but does not slide out the OSD. If will only slide out the DS. Not a huge inconvenience but worth noting. We’re slowing moving into it and I’ve started a few mods.

  2. Mike – yeah, the garage is very nice. I had a satellite issue in the living room and wanted to troubleshoot that outside with the dish up. Got that taken care of and the RV is in the garage now. We even run the air conditioners while we’re working in it, in the garage. Nancy did some laundry in it yesterday too. Handy to have an RV garage and of course, one of the many reasons we live here in The Gardens RV Village in Crossville, TN.

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