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Snow and Visiting with Heartland Friends

My first blog post of 2014 – so, Happy New Year all 15 subscribers!

We’re still home for a little while. Today, we saw the arrival of Heartland friends, Dave and Amy G. They’re starting their trek west and decided to make a week-long stop in Crossville. Their Heartland Cyclone Toyhauler 5th Wheel RV is all setup on Homeless Hill, here at the Gardens RV Village.

David and I ran some errands this afternoon. They needed propane and I knew where to get that locally. Nancy cooked a beef pot roast and veggies for dinner. Yum! After dinner, we all watched the movie “Waking Ned Divine”. None of us had ever seen it. Cute movie.

During dinner, we had dessert and coffee.

While the a good part of the country is gripped by a winter storm, up here on the Cumberland plateau, we experienced a little bit of that weather. Around 1:30 pm, it began to lightly snow. later, the wind picked up and that light snow continued. I’d say we’ve got maybe 3/4″ so far with a bit more possible.

Because if the snow, I asked Dave to pull their car into the garage during dinner and the movie. Check it out – no problem!

Dave and Amy's white Smart Car tucked into our garage.
Dave and Amy’s white Smart Car tucked into our garage.

Here’s a couple of snow pictures…

Snow in Front Yard
Snow in Front Yard
Snow on Deck
Snow on Deck
Even more snow in Front Yard :)
Even more snow in Front Yard 🙂

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