Tony is in!

Tony is in visiting us this weekend. He arrived Thursday around midnight. Today we got haircuts at Joe’s by Tina and Joann. We don’t have a lot of hair but they did a great job addressing each hair we had!

We went out for breakfast at I-Hop. Big and yummy. Skip the stuffed french toast though – it’s back on the menu but it didn’t get better 🙁

We shopped at Best Buy (the big one on Army Trail Road) for an hour and never bought a thing. That usually never happens.

Went to Dominick’s to pickup stuff for dinner tonight. The Hartley’s are coming over for dinner and Tony and I are making Chicken Vesuvio.

Then we went to Sam’s Club for asparagus. It was bad. We did buy a new wireless router that wasn’t on the list. Oops. I needed it – really.


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