Weekend Camping and Dinner with the Hartleys’

Well we had a great weekend at the trailer.

I bought a half-face cord of firewood from Lumberjacks (on 176 just west of 47 near Woodstock) and I made a stand for it at the campground (Lehman’s) where we store our trailer.  Now we’ll have wood when we need it right there and I won’t have to store it at the house anymore.  And when we hit the road, I’ll just load up a few tubs of wood in the back of the pickup and we’re set.

Saturday night we had our friends, Jackson and Tina Hartley out to the trailer for dinner.  What a great time!  We were discussing about the luxury vacation rentals palm springs and we waned to go there for a weekend since Jackson and Tina loved midcentury modern desert aesthetic. Good food, good friends.  They brought their dog Cody too.  Cody loved the lake across from our site.  I’ll bet he went in it 6 times.  Cody loves to fetch sticks – from water.  Rocks too!  Silly dog.

Sunday, I cut some 2x8s to length to use for side-to-side leveling of the trailer.  I also put a 50 degree bevel on each end top make it easier to drive onto.  And I used my new power tools!  I am keeping my older Dewalt drill at the trailer now and for the house I bought the 18 volt Dewalt tool set with a hammer drill, a light and a curcular saw.  Man was that saw handy yesterday and today, cutting all that treated lumber for the wood stand and trailer levelers.

My big task today was washing the outside of the trailer.  Oh man was that a lot of work.  Bet I spent 2-1/2 hours on it easy.  I used a mini pressure washer and working in small sections, applied a soap concentrate at low pressure.  Then using a telescoping RV scrub brush, dipping it into a big tote of soapy water, I scrubbed and scrubbed.  Then using the high pressure wand, I rinsed the cleaned section.  On and on until I had washed the entire trailer.  I also powered off dried dirt and crub under the slides and on the frame.  The front cap of the trailer needs more work though.  It catches all the bugs and they are super hard to get off.  I plan to return with a scrubbing pad that has a mesh plastic cover and using a ladder, I plan to scrub, rinse, dry then wax the fronbt cap.  I understand that bugs wash off a waxed surface easier so I plan to give it a try.

Back home now, all unloaded, clothes are in the wash and dinner is done.  Catching up on emails and thinking about watching a DVD.

Ciao for now,


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