Elkhart, IN Trip Update

Hi all,
It’s Friday and Nancy and I are in Elkhart, IN getting some warranty work done on our Heartland RV.  Heartland took care of some of the items at the Landmark plant and the trailer is now at Charger Enterprises in Elkhart getting a few other items taken care of.
We went to Middlebury to do a little shopping and to have lunch, then we came back to Elkhart and toured the RV Museum.  We’re back at Charger waiting for them to finish up. 
Nancy is sleeping in the truck and I am in the driver’s seat typing this message.  Cool thing is that I am online using my PalmOne Treo 650 smartphone as a wireless modem.  I was connected to the Treo 650 using my USB sync cable and was connected at 78 KBPS.  Not bad!  Better than dial-up.  Now I am connected without wires using Bluetooth.  Even cooler.  Not quite as fast at 63 KBPS but still fast enough.
I’ll update again later after we check into the KOA in Granger, IN.

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