Oops – Frozen Water Supply

At 3:00 am today, Nancy told me “our water is frozen”. We’re at a campground in Lakeland, TN near Memphis. It was very cold yesterday but coming from much nicer weather these past couple months, I just didn’t think about taking precautions. Oops – my bad.

I got up about 6:30 am to assess the situation. The water hose was frozen, so I brought that inside to thaw in front of the fireplace.
photo (11)

The hydrant/faucet is also frozen in the open position. I placed a small space heater near it and in an hour, got the faucet thawed to where I could close the valve. Then I placed the space heater directly on the ground, pointing it right at the metal stand-pipe in the hopes to thaw the supply enough to work. I had checked nearby hydrants and they were working, so I figure I froze mine up by leaving my hose connected and by not dripping water in the RV all night. Oops 🙂

Well – it’s been 90 minutes now with the space heater and… it worked! Hose thawed, water supply thawed and all it good 🙂

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