Leaving Ohio for Tennessee

Just had breakfast. About ready to head out.

Yesterday was a long travel day what with a longer distance than planed for today and no Chicago traffic to deal with.

There was a beautiful Foretravel class A motorhome parked next to us. They were on their way east, then on up into Canada. They plan to attend a Foretravel rally that will last 43 days through Canada. The manufacturer will have RV techs and a parts trailer traveling with the group the whole trip.

Included in this post are a few photos taken at the campground we’re about to leave in Ohio. Nice place, especially for an over night.

There’s about a dozen pull-through 50 amp full-hookup sites (with cable too) right when you pull in. We’re near the end. Stayed near the beginning last year.

If you need an overnight site near Cincinnati, OH – try Indian Springs.

Finally, if you get a chance, check out my RAM Cam Archive page. Each day of travel, I am recording by taking still image snapshots every minute – autimatically with RAM Cam. Then at night, I am creating an animated GIF of all the images and uploading it to the archive page. Can you say “Jim, your propeller is spinning out of control!”?

Link to RAM Cam Archive.

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