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We arrived in Morton Grove, IL a northern Chicago suburb on Tuesday afternoon. We’re living in the RV, parked next to Nancy’s Aunt Corky’s home.

We’ve done this several times over the years and it’s really handy. We’re able to get just enough electricity from an outlet strip in Corky’s garage to power the refrigerator, the power converter (DC power supply), a couple LED lights and a TV. It’s really ideal during cooler weather. If it was hot such that we need to use air conditioning, then we’d stay inside Corky’s home.

We’ve visited family, friends and several great restaurants while we’ve been here thus far. And I’ve been working from 6 am to 11 pm on rally planning.

Tonight (Friday) we’re heading to the Museum of Science and Industry for a dinner as part of a 30 year reunion of Nancy’s MBA school (University of Chicago). Then tomorrow night, we head downtown to a swanky restaurant for another dinner as part of the reunion.

Parked in Aunt Corky's driveway in Morton Grove, IL
Parked in Aunt Corky’s driveway in Morton Grove, IL

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  1. You definitely have the cool weather this week ! We over that way last week to visit my son Nathan & family for his daughters 1st birthday. Stayed in one of the Kane county campgrounds near Elgin. Enjoy. !

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