Winterized the RV tonight

I’d been stressing over this for a couple of days. The thought of winterizing the RV at the Louisville South KOA at 7 am tomorrow in 20 some degree weather was not exciting me at all. Turns out, we had a spare hour we needed to leave to take Nancy to the airport and dinner. So I used compressed air to push all the water out of the lines, appliances and fixtures.
Air hose from truck compressor into RV to push water out of ice maker line.

T and valve that feeds water to ice maker.  This is under the kitchen sink in the 2009 Heartland Landmark Pinehurst.

On the idea of a RVing friend (Mark C), I used a series of fittings to push compressed air to the ice maker in the refrigerator. I manually actuated the ice maker several times. Pretty sure I got all the water out of the line, the solenoid and the ice maker. Left the ice maker line unhooked from the water system. Then I pushed 2.75 gallons of RV antifreeze into the hot and cold water lines, into each appliance and fixture. Think we got it all except the wash machine. For some reason it is not taking in water. Need to look at this later.

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