Changed Fan-Tastic Vent Fan Covers to Black Ultra Breeze Covers

When my coach was built, I asked for the Fan-Tastic brand Ultra Breeze Vent Covers to be put on my 2 Fan-Tastic vent fans. When I picked up the coach, I noticed that on full-body paint Landmarks, we’re apparently using black AC covers. I wanted my Fan-Tastic vent fan covers to match the AC covers, so this week I changed them out to black.

I received mine from Atwood (owner of Fan-Tastic). You can order these from RV dealers or get them from Whether you want to change colors or add covers for the first time, these covers allow your Fan-Tastic vent fans to be “fully” open and do not reduce air-flow.

AFTER: The black covers
AFTER: The black covers

BEFORE: The white covers

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