New Camera – Sony DSC-H1

Well, for those of you who clicked on the negative art picture of Ruby on the MoBlog, you know that I accidentally trashed my Sony T1 camera by spilling a glass of water on it.  Not even that much water either.  I took the battery out right away and dried the camera out – still a no-go.  I was pretty bummed.  I wanted to get another camera towards the end of the year and "keep" the T1!  Oh well.

Here’s the replacement camera.  It’s the Sony DSC-H1.  Sony’s first digital SLR.  Nice camera, great feel and feature-set.

I took a few pictures of the tile being installed in the kitchen.  Not sure if this link works.

I’ll be taking the camera to the Smith reunion in Liberty, IL (near Quincy) this weekend.  I was talking to a buddy (what up Doug!!!) tonight and he told me he got the H1 recently.  He got it before me.  I am losing my edge!!  It will be nice to have a pal who has the same camera so we can compare and learn together. 


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