Meetings and an Accident with the Truck

I had a couple meetings today. The first one was with an RV OEM products supplier. I made a presentation on the convergence I see coming between RV Monitoring/Control and Home Automation.

On my way to that meeting, I had a boo-boo. A car in the lane to my right was forced into me by another vehicle who ran a red light turning into this car’s lane of traffic.

I heard a horn honk (car next to me honking at the other vehicle) and then felt the car bash into my passenger side. It happened in a split second and I was sort of confused as to what just happened. Pulled off to the side of the road as did the car that hit me. The other vehicle did not stop and may not have known what they caused.

About 45 minutes later, the police showed up, took our reports and I was on my way. My meeting went well.

With the truck body being damaged in addition to some Ford components, I decided to travel 90 miles east to Valparaiso to visit with Tom Martin at Classy Chassis to have his team do an estimate on repairing the truck. The circumstance was unfortunate but meeting with Tom, his wife and the CC team is always fun.

Upon my return to Elkhart, I stopped by Heartland to see the new Heartland Landmark floor plan (prototype) one last time. This new floor plan is going to be a real looker 🙂

Here’s what the car that hit me looked like. It’s a 2006 Jaguar.

Damage to car that hit me
Damage to car that hit me

And here’s what the truck looks like 🙁

Damage to end of bumper, wheel cover and wheel
Damage to end of bumper, wheel cover and wheel

Damage to toolbox door and cabinet
Damage to toolbox door and cabinet
Damage to rear wheel fender
Damage to rear wheel fender

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  1. Jim, I am glad you are OK and no one is hurt, Please consider adding a wheel alignment to the estimate; when you have your vehicle repaired. It looks like the initial point of impact was in the front.

    By the way, I have your new battery. Pleaser Be Safe.


  2. Ray – I have considered the front end alignment. I have not received the estimate yet. If it’s not on there, I may ask to add it. Thanks for the battery. Let me know of you are out of pocket on any cost. We’ll be home Saturday afternoon.

  3. Ouch, glad to hear it was all mechanical damage though.
    Your incident is one of the reasons I am considering adding a camera to the truck. Costco recently had what appeared to be a decent unit, but by the time I decided to try it out they were gone.

  4. Duane – We are in agreement on the dash camera. I will have one sometime this year. Maybe we can chat more about it at a rally in the east sometime this year.

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