Texas Coastal Bend – Aransas Pass / Port Aransas – Shrimp… Oh my gosh!

We hosted Dan and Karen H over at our place for breakfast this morning. Ask any RVer that knows me – I love to cook breakfast for a group 🙂 Yesterday when we were all at HEB Plus doing some grocery shopping, Karen mentioned to me that she heard that Panettone bread French Toast is good and she had a loaf that needed to be used up. So a breakfast kernel was planted in my brain, germinated, grew to maturity – all in a matter of seconds… and a breakfast plan was born 🙂 I made French Toast with the Panettone and backed that up with French Toast made with a wide Italian bread. I also made my dreamy scrambled eggs and I sliced up some South Texas pink grapefruit. Dan and Karen brought over some fried bacon. Yum! We had a really nice breakfast – brunch really. And a nice visit too.

At 3 pm, the 4 of us took the ferry over to Port A to have dinner at Kody’s Restaurant and Bar.
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Tonight is the second to last time of this season that they’ll have all-you-can-eat Fried Shrimp.
photo 1

Oh man, was that stuff good. We tore it up. I did anyway. I figure I had 20 pieces. The shrimp was butterflied, battered and fried. Oh man – these things were huge.
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After dinner, we drove along several beaches, right on the sand on Port A. We stopped at one spot where a fisherman was feeding his chicken liver bait to two Pelicans. This was funny to watch.
photo 3
photo 2

We also watched several big ships (tankers and barges) navigate the shipping channels that serve Corpus Christi. I didn’t get a picture of it, but we did see dolphins jumping in front of one of the ships.
photo 5
photo 4

Later, Dan and Karen came by for ice cream, coffee and some fun conversation. They brought their fur-kid Herbie with them – always a gentleman and always welcome 🙂

Nancy and I both spent the night working online and listening to music in the background.

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