Uber! Get your first ride free!

So we used Uber for the first time today.  We’re in New Orleans and we felt like getting a lift from Willie Mae’s Scotch House to the French Quarter (1.5 miles).

Kevin Wolbeck used his Uber account.  The car was there within minutes and the cost for 4 people was like $6.

Later, from the quarter, I used my Uber account and we got a lift back to French Quarter  RV Resort.  It worked out great.  I see they sent me a promo code so Nancy signed up using it.  She will get her first ride free and I’ll get a $15 Uber ride credit.  Cool!

If you haven’t tried this alternative to a traditional taxi cab and want to get your first ride free, download the Uber app and use my promo code: jimb3509ue or click this linkGoogle ChromeScreenSnapz050

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