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Trouble on the road

Well, I hooked up and pulled out and had trouble right away. Truck has no power. Almost as it is in limp mode. It did not throw an check-engine light and has not thrown any error codes.
Fortunately, I was able to limp (30 MPH) to Brian Bemis Ford in Sycamore, IL. They will pull a tech off other work to take a look. It’s 3 degrees here so I am not sure it’s a gelled fuel issue. I have 14.5k miles on the truck and have never changed the fuel/water separator filters. I have a set with me though!
So here I sit in the warm can, waiting for a tech 🙁

“from the road”

9:30 am update
Truck is in the shop.  So far, tech says sounds like several cylinders missing.  Could be a fuel pressure issue.  I may have them change my fuel filters while they have it in the shop.  Wonder if their rack can lift it (10,000 pounds).

10:00 am update
Well, they said 2 injectors are bad and require replacement.  They tested my fuel and it’s good.  They asked if I am running any anti-gel  additive.  I am not.  They plan to submit it as a warranty claim but no promises.  Ford gets picky on 2 injectors and running no anti-gel additive in this weather.  They also checked my top fuel filter and it was fine.  I am carrying a set of Motocraft fuel/water separator filters and at 14.5k miles, they said it’s a good time to replace them so they are using my filters and replacing them.  They are estimating 2.5 to 3 hours.  Oh boy.  Gonna be a late night on the road!

12:40 pm
Good news.  The truck is no longer inside the shop.  I think they are test driving it.  So I think I will be out of here soon.  I will post the full outcome tonight as an update to this blog post.

1:00 pm
Well, Brian Bemis Ford in Sycamore, IL is awesome.  Got the job done, turned it in as a warranty claim,  I paid only the flat-rate for the fuel filter labor.  Woohoo!

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