Santa arrives early for Jim!


We were downtown this weekend so I have lots of email to catch up on. I follow many online blogs and RV industry trade publications. As I was “catching up”, I read the latest blog entry of Pat and Mike McFall – full-time RVers (link). Today, Mike mentioned that Santa delivered early for him (a Sony laptop).

Well, it reminded me that Santa delivered here to me early too. Nancy gave the green light for the new digital camera I have been researching – for your Alaska cruise in July of 2009. Gotta get it early enough to learn it well and to be proficient enough with it to capture some great shots.

Anyway, today at Costco, we picked up the Nikon D90 as a kit with 2 Nikkor VR (image stabilized) lenses – an 18-55 MM and a 55-200 MM. Cool stuff! So I am going through the Quick Start guide, getting it setup, taking some quick test shots, familiarizing myself with every single button (there are many) and such. Once done, I will break out the manual and start to read about how to use all the advanced features. This is one cool camera.

At the 2008 Fall Central California Chapter Heartland Owners Rally in Jackson, CA, I got to use two nice DSLRs. Once was Teresa M’s – my chapter leader and one was John’s – a freind of Teresa and Art’s. John let me take a bunch of pics with his and he told me a lot about it. His is a Canon 20D.

I set out to possibly purchase the Canon 40D or 50D. Then switched to the Nikon D90. Similar features and less cost, plus the addition of Movie Mode tipped the scale towards the Nikon.
So – look for better pics from me in the future and thank you Santa 🙂


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