House Update

We have grass!  Finally, we have landscaping.  Pulte’s landscapers came this Thursday through Saturday and installed trees, shrubs, mulch and sod.  Looks so much nicer now and should really cut down on the dust.

Now we get to water it steadily for weeks.  Hate to see what the water bill will be but we don’t want the new stuff to die before it gets a chance to take hold.

I put a 3" diameter hole in the floor in the corner under the desk in the home office to run cabling from the PCs in the rack in the basement.  Started pulling wires and I actually got the main PC up and running and the server limping along.  Working on the webcams and security stuff as well.  Got the furniture rearranged in the office and now I have days upon days of unpacking and filing to do to get the office organized.  This will likely take me weeks to do.

Nancy, Ruby, Emme and I went shopping today (Home Depot and Super Target).  Dogs were angels with fur.  Good girls!  Not a whimper out of them all afternoon.

We’re heading over to the Armstrong’s this evening for Kaitlin’s high school graduation party.


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