Jim and Nancy's TrailManor Travel Trailer

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UPDATE: On January 7, 2005, we traded our TrailManor in for a 5th wheel trailer.  It served us well our first year of camping and we learned alot about what we really like and need.  Thank you TrailManor!  Check-out the new camping rig here.

On Saturday, November 8, 2003, we placed a factory order for a 2004 model 3023 TrailManor travel trailer.  Here's the floor plan of the 3023 as well as some interior pictures:

Floor plan




Click here for a page of images of our 2004 TrailManor 3023


What's new?:

Purchased from:

Danny's Campers
N 1174 5th Rd
PO Box 230
Coloma WI 54930
(715) 228-3611

We spent 3 hours in, on, under and around a model 2720 with Dan Lange and Michelle, the dealer.  We learned a lot from taking this kind of time and it really helped us make up our mind to place an order.  We felt that Dan gave us a fair deal.

We've since taken delivery our 3023 and can now recommend Danny's Campers to anyone in this area.

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