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Tallahassee, Florida for Two Nights and Wolbecks for Dinner!

Tallahassee RV park - Site 41
Tallahassee RV park – Site 41

After we were done at the Florida RV SuperShow and done visiting Walt Disney World, it was time to begin our trek north and west, out of Florida.  Today, we traveled 250 miles north to Tallahassee, the state capital of Florida.

We’re staying at a familiar campground, Tallahassee RV Park, conveniently located 1 mile off I-10.  We’re setup in site 41 for two nights.  We have a long pull-through site with full-hookups and enough satellite signal through the trees to get a few key stations.

During our travel here, I’d noticed on Facebook that our good friends Kevin and Nelly Wolbeck were also heading towards north Florida.  I posted a dinner invitation and they took us up on it!  I made roasted vegetables and spaghetti with meatballs.  Good meal and great company!  We hope to catch up with the Wolbecks in New Orleans, LA in a few days.



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