Air Compressor

HUSKY Easy Air To Go
1.75 gallon air reservoir
135 PSI Mobile Compressor With Deflation Kit
Model Y1010

Purchased at Home Depot in March of 2005 for ~$100

When purchasing this compressor, I knew that the supplied hose would be inadequate over the long term, so I also purchased 50 feet of 3/8" rubber air hose, several quick couplers and a high quality air fill tool with a built-in pressure gauge.

I store this compressor in my under-the-rail tool chest in the bed of my truck.  Because my tool chest is only 18" high, I store the compressor, laying on its back and surrounded by soft material to protect it.

While on the road, I power the compressor from my Honda EU2000i Inverter-Equipped generator (also stored in my truck's tool chest).


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