Puttin’ in the Plasma’s

Me and my bud, Jim K made it downtown about 5pm last night to install those two 50″ plasma sets in Dave’s office.

From the first pic, you can see we got’er done!That’s the conference room set. Look ma – no wires! As it should be.

Second pic is the set in Dave’s office. These sets are pretty much mounted back-to-back.

Next pic is of the Peerless mount, mounted to a piece of plywood, mounted to the wall. I am prety sure it is over-engineered, still, I worry about those sets falling off the wall. Shouldn’t fall – yet I worry. If you ever install a TV to a wall that has metal studs and you can only hit one of them – hit it often, then hit the field with a lot of heavy-duty togglers.

In the same pic, you can see a hole for wiring and an electrical outlet. We grabbed power from a nearby circuit and ran a short length of BX to it. Work out well. We passed the power cord for the other TV through the hole in the wall in order to power them both from the same duplex outlet. Later, VGA and audio cables were fished up the wall and out to the sets. Worked out well.

The last pic shows the wall after it was preped for the mount (i.e. drilled to look like Swiss cheese). Pilot holes were all 1/4″ and the finished holes in the wall are all 3/4″ – cut with a couple of hole saws. Like buttah!

By 11:30pm, we had the sets mounted, powered up and had all the VGA cables run and VGA splitter installed and connected. Only thing we didn’t have was a PC image on the Plasmas 🙁

But after 6.5 hours, tired, sweaty, smelly and filthy hands, you don’t stop to troubleshoot much. That is for the next day after a bit of rest.

Ah – another job started but not completed. Soon!!! Posted by Picasa

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