Memorial Day Camping update from Door County, WI

It’s Memorial Day today and we’ve watched several TV specials the last two days on various wars and veterans issues.  We really enjoyed the Memorial Day Concert hosted by Colin Powell.
Well, we did make it to Wilson’s in Ephraim last night for ice cream.  It was okay but I like Uncle Harry’s in Addison, IL better.  Puppies liked it though.  They wanted to lick the whipped cream right off my sundae.  And they did – a little!
For breakfast today, we made that Uncle Tom’s pancake mix we bought the day before.  It was just okay.  Hard to beat IHOP and Perkin’s pancakes in my book.  The Door County maple syrup was very good though and we are still enjoying that white almond bark with dried Door County cherries in it.
After breakfast, we went for the mega-hike.  We hiked from our trailer into the Mink River Estuary and follwed it to the river – about 2 miles each way.  The trail was very natural. No gravel or wood chips here.  With no rain for the last several days, we thought the trail would be dry but we ran into some pretty wet and muddy spots.  Ruby had to be carried in the dog hiking bag much of the way.  It was funny to see her walk in an area that had a lot of old leaves as she was a pretty good leaf broom except the leaves just stuff to her like a magnet!
We just had lunch in the trailer and we’re planning to head back to the Gill’s Rock area to the Door County Maritime Museum.
Once more day in Door County then we make the long trek home 🙁

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