David’s Stove Shop – Weatherford, TX, what an amazing place! Dominoes tonight at the campground.

Nancy and I were invited to join Jay/Stella C and Dan/Karen for lunch and shopping in Weatherford, TX at David’s Stove Shop.

We had NO IDEA what we were in for on either front. When we arrived at David’s, their outdoor space looked like an odd collection of junkyard art.
Dave's Stove Shop - Outside

We entered through a side door and were inside an inside/outside space. They had smokers and other BBQs in this space. The space had a roof system that was open on the ends to allow for ventilation as they actual demo the smokers and such. Really nice ones too. Traeger, Yoder and other brands.

As I mentioned, we were out for lunch too. David’s has a cafe in one corner of the building called “The Shed“. We had to wend our way through many rooms of “stuff” to get to the cafe. And when I say “stuff”, let your imagination run wild. It’s VERY hard for me to describe what this place it in terms of items for sale. It’s a real eclectic mix. I’ll try to describe it by simply listing some of the items I saw for sale there. Room after room 🙂

  • Smokers and Grills
  • Outdoor furniture of all types and materials
  • Wood and pellet stoves of all makes, models and sizes
  • Vintage style kitchen appliances (Heartland and other brands)
  • Lodge Cast Iron ware, lots of it!
  • Real wood fireplace hearths – long, short, typical and exotic
  • Antiques of all kinds.  I mean ALL kinds and copious amounts of it

We bought a bird feeder and some meat seasonings.

Now – back to “The Shed“… WOW – the food was super good!  We all had sandwiches.  I had the Club and it was fantastic!  Then a couple of us had the Cowboy pie.  It was chock full of everything.  Nancy and I were so full from our lunch we could barely split our slice of pie.  I think Jay and Stella felt the same way.
Cowboy Pie

Dave's Cafe 1

If you ever find yourself just west of Dallas in I-20, get off at exit 415 and go to David’s Stove Shop.  Take a camera and an appetite!
Need a classic refrigerator? 🙂

This evening, we visited with neighbors gathered outside at their RVs, then later, a group of 12 of us went to the rally hall to play dominoes.


We had 2 lively tables of 6 playing. We played until just past 11 pm. Fun times.
Dominoes - Table 2Dominoes - Table 1

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