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Chicago, IL – Day 1, We’ve arrived! Friends, Portillo’s Hot Dogs and Uncle Harry’s Ice Cream!

December 12, 2013

We arrived to Addison, IL about dinner time. We’re staying with friends Ed and Alice F at their home in Addison for our first 2 nights. We stopped at Uncle Harry’s Ice Cream to say hi to owner Leif Nelson and to pickup 2 quarts of ice cream I called ahead and asked him to scoop for me. It was great seeing Leif again. I learned that he went through a rough cancer experience with surgeries and treatments and is now in remission – praise God.

Then we popped next door and went through the Portillo’s Hot Dogs drive-through to pick up dinner. Nancy, Ed and Alice got Italian Beefs and I got my usual: a Chicago Style Hot Dog, a Tamale and a Chili. Yum, yum! We finished off our dinner with coffee and Uncle Harry’s Ice Cream. A great arrival night!Portilli's Hot Dogs - Chicago, IL - Dec 2013 c

My plate from Portillo's Hot Dogs.
My plate from Portillo’s.
Uncle Harry's Ice Cream - Addison, IL.  Our favorite ice cream place!
Uncle Harry’s Ice Cream – Addison, IL. Our favorite ice cream place!

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