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Cellular Data Equipment Installed in RV





In two short work sessions over the last two days, here in Dallas, Terry H and I installed some equipment on and in the RV to improve cellular data and voice service for me when I travel in the RV. Here’s what we installed:

  • Wilson External Cellular Antenna (trucker style – on the rear ladder)
  • Wilson Cellular Amplifier – Cradlepoint PHS300 Mobile Router
  • BlueSea Systems Dual DC outlet
  • Verizon USB 760 Cellular Data Modem

Last week, I moved from Sprint, using a Novatel EX720 Express cellular data modem card to Verizon, using a USB 760 cellular data modem device. I used the 3G Store to make this move. The cost of the modem with 2-year contract and a rebate was $0. The antenna, amplifier and router are also from the 3G Store. The dual DC outlet came from West Marine.


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