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CA, San Diego – Sea World, dinner with a family friend and more

October 7, 2013
Today was Sea World day. But first, we drove through Old Town San Diego, a few blocks from our hotel. Then we drove to Cabrillo National Monument in the Point Loma area. We figured the monument would be closed do to the federal government shut-down but we heard the drive was scenic so we went anyway. Sure enough, no getting into the Cabrillo National Monument. We stopped a few times to get out and walk to take in the scenery and take some pictures. From the east side of Point Loma, we could see San Diego, the airport and downtown. From the west side, we could see only the Pacific ocean. Just north of the monument on Cabrillo Memorial Drive, on both sides is the Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery. Beautiful grounds and gorgeous views.

In the distance, you can see downtown San Diego

Head Stones on a Wall

Head Stones / Grave Markers

Head Stones / Grave Markers

Head Stones / Grave Markers


Following this scenic drive, we headed towards Sea World, 10 minutes away. We arrived about 10:30 and what a mob scene it was. But the line to buy tickets, then the line to get into the park with your tickets, while long, moved really fast. It was a gorgeous day to be at Sea World. Mid-70s, light breeze and no jacket needed. We skipped all the thrill rides and headed for all the animal features, habitats and shows. We also rode the Bayside Skyride and the the Skytower ride. The Skyride was a cable suspended gondola ride. Think ski lift but with open-air cars, not chairs. The Skytower was an enclosed round room with seats facing out. It was two floors tall and it rose up a couple hundred feet while rotating around a central tower. Think a revolving-restaurant that also goes up a tower, then comes back down. Both were rides to show you the beauty of the city and surrounding area. You could see for many miles in all directions. The ticket prices were a killer at $79 each! But we made the most of it, spending the entire day there and pretty much leaving at closing time – 5pm. I captured a Virtual Munzee in the park and placed a Munzee in the parking lot. We had a great time.

Back near the hotel area, we stopped and parked in the Old Town area. We had plans to meet the son of friends of ours for dinner later and we wanted to walk around the Old Town area first. This is an area of rich history that we’ll only scratch the surface of tomorrow. We met Tony F for dinner at 6:30 at Jack and Gilulios, an Italian restaurant. Tony and I both had the Cioppino – wow! Great dinner and great conversation, catching up with Tony and what he’s doing now after serving as a Naval officer.

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