Back home from Illini State Park

Well we made it back from Illini State Park. Weather was just great and we really had fun camping with the Hartleys. Today we biked another 8 miles or so. We biked to Ottawa. When we stopped at a park, Cody (the Hartleys’ dog) got to swim in the Fox River. She loves to fetch sticks – branches really. She swims pretty good with a branch in her mouth!

In all, we had a great weekend and wished it didn’t have to end – but alas, reality set in. We’d go back to this park for sure. We’d even try to get site 5 again and if not available, then site 6.

That’s a wrap for this trip. Next trip coming up is to Sugar Shores Campground near Durand, IL in Shireland (NW of Rockford about a half hour). We’re also going to see the American Olympic Gymnastic team perform in Rockford one evening. Cool!

Here’s a great picture of Tina and Jackson:

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