Sandia Peak and Visit with Michelle

We’ve been in Bernalillo, NM (just north of Albuquerque) for a couple days now.  We came here to visit with Nancy’s sister Michelle.  Her and her husband Andrew leave in nearby Placitas.

We visited Michelle and Andrew the same time last year.  In fact, we stayed at the same campground – Albuquerque North / Bernalillo KOA.

Today, Michelle stopped by to pick us up.  Our plan was to go up the Sandia Peak Tramway.  Before we left the RV, Tinker had to give Michelle some puppy love 🙂

Michelle and Tinker
Michelle and Tinker

Sandia Peak Tramway is about halfway to Albuquerque from Bernalillo – maybe 5 miles.  Below are a couple of pictures of our afternoon trip there and here’s a link to the entire album.Sandia Peak - 05 Sandia Peak - 08 Sandia Peak - 09 Sandia Peak - 12 Sandia Peak - Tramway Terminal - 03 Sandia Peak - Tramway Ticket Tramway Ride - 07 Tramway Ride - 03

After we decsended Sandia Peak, we went to Santa Ana Star Casino to try The Feast Buffet.  Tonight was seafood night for $22.95.  I have to say, it was pretty good for the money.

Jim's first plate!
Jim’s first plate!

Fun day with Michelle!


Uber! Get your first ride free!

So we used Uber for the first time today.  We’re in New Orleans and we felt like getting a lift from Willie Mae’s Scotch House to the French Quarter (1.5 miles).

Kevin Wolbeck used his Uber account.  The car was there within minutes and the cost for 4 people was like $6.

Later, from the quarter, I used my Uber account and we got a lift back to French Quarter  RV Resort.  It worked out great.  I see they sent me a promo code so Nancy signed up using it.  She will get her first ride free and I’ll get a $15 Uber ride credit.  Cool!

If you haven’t tried this alternative to a traditional taxi cab and want to get your first ride free, download the Uber app and use my promo code: jimb3509ue or click this linkGoogle ChromeScreenSnapz050