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Water Filtration System Installed in 2014 Heartland Landmark Savannah

LOCATION: River Vista RV Resort – Dillard, GA
ITEM: RV Project (Water Filtration System)

While here for the Georgia Chapter Heartland Owners Club Rally, I completed another project on the new RV (2014 Landmark Savannah). I installed a water filtration system. It’s a 2-stage system. Stage 1 is a 5 micron sediment filter and state 2 is a charcoal filter. On the output of stage 2 is a tee. The tee feeds a 1/4″ angle stop. This is the ice maker connection for the residential refrigerator (Frigidaire side-by-side with ice and water in the door).

Thanks go to my friends Larry B for reviewing my plan and giving me some great feedback and Kevin W for helping me install it all.


Removed the vinyl hose loop from the City Water Inlet to the Anderson Valve
Removed vinyl loop, added tee and 90 with gauge

PEX lines added – one from the City Water Inlet and 1 (return) to the Anderson Valve
Added PEX for filter in (L) and fllter out (R)

2×4 Frame for Filters
Added frame for filters

Completed Project

Water Pressure Gauge in UDC
Pressure Gauge