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Las Vegas, NV Trip – Day 5 – New Breakfast Spot, Southpoint Hotel/Casino, King Crab Legs at Bellagio and Purple Reign

Friday, November 15, 2013

RePete’s Las Vegas Bar and Grill

Today we tried a different off-strip non-chain restaurant for breakfast. I chose one further south of the strip, south on Las Vegas Blvd, then west a block on Warm Springs Road. I also chose it for its proximity to Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort. If we end up having the North American Heartland Owners Rally here, I want to know what restaurants I can recommend based on personal experience. So, we’re at RePete’s Las Vegas Bar and Grill.  RePete’s has free WiFi – that’s a plus as I’m typing this blog post live from my breakfast table. We ordered their Corned Beef Hash and Eggs and the French Toast. We enjoyed it all. The hash was home made, the home fries were pan-fried and crispy. The eggs were poached just as we ordered them (no runny whites). The French toast was great as well.  We’d eat here again!

I dropped Nancy back at the hotel after breakfast and I went back to Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort for a meeting with a Caterer.  That meeting went well.  Things are looking up for a potential rally here.

Southpoint Hotel, Casino and Spa

I headed south on Las Vegas Blvd. after my meeting at Oasis.  I wanted to check out the Southpoint Hotel, Casino and Spa.  It’s possible we could use some of the amenities/services at this place during our rally.  Right away, I noticed it was less smokey.  I stopped by Sales and Catering to try to get an appointment with them.  I checked out their 64 lane bowling alley.  Very cool.  I took a stroll by their movie theater.  Also very nice to have at a hotel/casino.  This place has some potential.

Buffet at Bellagio

Well, I don’t have any of my own pictures to prove it, but I had two plates of really nice King Crab Legs at “The Buffet” at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino.  We couldn’t get here earlier in the week, so we paid the weekend “Gourmet Buffet” price of about $40 each.  I felt with my 2+ pounds of King Crab, I got my money’s worth 🙂  I found this picture online of the King Crab here.  Nice and pre-split!

King Crab at Bellagio

Nancy at Bellagio
Nancy at Bellagio
Jim at Bellagio
Jim at Bellagio

Purple Reign

For entertainment this evening, we went to the Prince tribute show, Purple Reign.  Wow, what a great show (if you like Prince music).  The performer playing Prince had him down to a tee.  Looked like him and sounded like him.  The band was very good as well.

Purple Reign Ticket

Purple Reign - Show Image

Purple Reign 1

Purple Reign 2

Purple Reign 3


Las Vegas, NV Trip – Day 4 – Great food, Mob Museum and Hitzville Show

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mr. Mamas for Breakfast Again 🙂

Well, we tried Mr. Mamas for breakfast again.   Today we split a Chili Cheese Omelet, toast and a bowl of fruit.  The omelet was great – though we agree that yesterday’s Cali Omelet was just a little bit tastier.  We ordered the hash browns today.  Much better choice over the home fries.  Our waitress today was Claudia.  She was nearly as cheery as Julie from yesterday.  And owner Nick was just as pleasant as ever.  Nice place.

Chili Cheese Omelet
Chili Cheese Omelet

Mob Museum

Well this is something different 🙂  The Mob Museum is now open and it’s pretty cool.  It’s located in what was the Las Vegas Court House and Post Office Building.  The non-profit that owns the museum spent many years and something like 40 million dollars renovating and creating the museum and exhibits.  We spent about two hours here and I know we could have spent another hour or two.   Lot’s of artifacts, pictures, movies, stories and fun facts about early Las Vegas and organized crime, both in Las Vegas and around the country.

The Mob Museum Building Courtesy of The Mob Museum website
The Mob Museum Building
Courtesy of The Mob Museum website

Amazing “BURGR”!

Our entertainment for tonight was an early show, so we decided to grab dinner early too.  We went to BURGR at Planet Hollywood.  BURGR is a Gordon Ramsay restaurant specializing in hamburgers.  And readers of this blog, I kid you not, “best burgers ever“!  In our opinion anyway.  And the fries, amazing!

This is a window from the Planet Hollywood Casino, looking into the BURGR restaurant.
This is a window from the Planet Hollywood Casino, looking into the BURGR restaurant. The restaurant contacted vending machine hire to offer a variety of food and snacks.
Here's our food picture.  We split two burgers and an order of fries.
Here’s our food picture. We split two burgers (Euro Burger and Chanterelle Burger) and an order of fries (Truffle Parmesan).

Hitzville Show

Tonight for entertainment, we went to the V Theater in Planet Hollywood to see the Hitzville Show, starring Jin-Jin Reeves.   “Hitzville – The Show” is a journey through time with the music that made a city come alive. The show features hits made famous by Tina Turner, The Temptations, Gladys Knight, The Supremes, The Four Tops and more.  If you like the Motown sound and other black pop music of the 60s and 70s, you’ll love this show.  We did!

Hitzville Show - Jin-Jin Reeves
Hitzville Show – Jin-Jin Reeves

Hitzville Show Ticket